About Woodcrest:

Woodcrest Studio is a production house serving the tri-state area, offering over 2 decades of experience creating audio and visual content that exceeds the norm. We engage listeners and viewers into a memorable experience by our immersion into every project. We research and study the market with our clients and set forth a plan to make your project uniquely different in the myriad of media we are presented daily. Understanding, planning, creativity and execution form the keystone of how we operate.

Partial client list: Dianthus of Maria, Lyra, Leaving Autumn, Head Change, The Skirts, Stark Weather, Corrosive Non-Conformity, Ruggy, Perscey, Bradbard, Anderson, Ordeal by Innocence, Rane, Telic, Window View, Orion, Larson, Ascendance, Quantus Communications, Wolford, Fennario Coffee House, Younger than Charlie, Window View, Waiting for December, The Bent Benjamins, I am Love, The Beautiful Door Foundation, DIY Network, Script To Screen, Magnetic Productions and many more...

Thomas Zartler, Jr. is Woodcrest Studio's owner and director. Tom began his engineering and production careers in high school by stealing his older brother's 4 track Fostex recorder and his fathers video camera.

On the SOUND side of the coin, Born and raised in a family of musicians, stepping forward in to the experimentation and study of sound and song writing was a natural step for Tom. His homework was in his bedroom waiting for him to get home and press record. Tom lived this way for the time he had in high school. Fortunately, he was employed at a music store during this time selling much of what is used in studios and connected to what he was: an audio engineer and a performing singer / song writer. Tom had his place behind a mixing board next to a rack of preamps and effects tangled in wires, hunched over, digging through a crate of microphones to find that one that would complimentary capture the source. Soon he found a job interning at a studio housed in West Chester Music with James Celentano, West Chester's #1 spot for audio recording which was later passed to him. 3 years later the store switched owners, closing the studio leading Tom to open his own. There is another side to this coin...

On the SIGHT side of the coin, Tom was schooled in film photography and graphic design. After 4 years of schooling, Tom became a local West Chester fine artist with work hanging in local businesses and galleries. His fine art work focused on life overlooked, the human experience, and places way off the beaten path. He brought a visual experience and connection to viewers through the framing of memorable subjects along with how he captured it in perspective. Along with fine art, Tom also photographed events and weddings. Video was the next move in this arena for Tom. He moved into event and music video filming to today where he aids clientele in representing their services and products to employ growth.

Tom is known for his humor and lightness along with his ability to enable work to bloom at Woodcrest and On Location. His deliberate approach and investment into his work bred with creativity makes for an unending list of distinguished projects.