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: : : : : WOODCREST RETIRED : : : : :

I have been slowly winding down the studio over the past few years. It’s been 30 years (can’t believe it!) that I have been working in the industry. So many memories…. Hanging with some of the top names in the biz when I was young and having them take me under their wing even as I was so green… which aided me in my work for decades. I aspired, I studied and I learned, eventually forging my own sonic signature. I started interning at a few studios then became chief engineer at a studio, on to opening my own studio where I took all I learned and worked/shared it with others eventually building Woodcrest 18 years ago. It’s been a great 30 years. I culminated a community of musicians locally and around the globe. I’ve worked with production houses from sea to shining sea. So many people, faces, projects and memories... I reminisce... Thank you. Thank you for gracing my life.

I am grateful for everyone I have worked with, and all the friends I have made surrounding music and production as I retire the studio. Many of you are still a part of my life and I am so happy you are. I may still freelance and teach as time permits, so feel free to reach out to me direct if you have the need. Perhaps I may complete one of my many personal albums.

This page will be left up as Woodcrest’s Legacy.

: : : : : NEW NEWS FEED : : : : :

Woodcrest has moved its
Our older clients and projects are below.
All of our current and future news is now located on Facebook


: : : : : "I AM LOVE" : : : : :

I Am Love
has begun their album at Woodcrest.
I Am Love in an innovative group featuring multi-part harmonies, acoustic guitars, cello, viola, flugelhorn
For more info and session pictures:

: : : : AUDIO BOOK COMING SOON : : : :

Lisa Mason's book:

"A Collection Of Big Life Lessons"

"Emmy award-winning host and writer Lisa Mason began her news career in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma in 1987. After receiving her Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Central Oklahoma, Lisa joined the Fox affiliate as weekend news anchor where she remained for two years."

To learn more about Lisa:

Lisa is currently touring the area promoting her book at Barnes and Noble book stores all across the area.

: : : : EMERGING ARTIST "RUGGI" : : : :

Woodcrest Studio hiphop artist Ruggi's career is taking off.

Within months of recording various mix tapes of remix and original music, Ruggi is now performing in and around Philadelphia.

Follow Ruggi on Twitter

Follow Ruggi on YouTube


: : : : RECENT PROJECTS : : : :

Much work has been completed over the past number of months and much new work is under way and in progress! Here are a few latest completed and in-progress works:

Younger than Charlie
Joni Miller
The Bent Benjamins
I am Love
Lisa Mason
and more....

click here to listen to some clips

: : : : EX'PRESSION COLLEGE : : : :

Tom makes a visit to Ex'pression College for digital arts in Emeryville, CA to catch up with an old friend, Roy McNeal, lab instructor, and to share his experience with one of Roy's lab groups. During the group meeting, Tom spoke about his role as an audio engineer and producer then answered questions, provided feedback and shared techniques in audio recording that would benefit the students in their current project.

: : : : RICH THUMPING LOWS : : : :

A Electrovoice N/D868...
Big...Smooth...Bass Frequencies!

Woodcrest gets another flavor of low-frequency capture
Tom reveals his recording approach.

click here for details

: : : : BIGGER THUMPING LOWS : : : :

How Low is Low? Ever been to an orchestra?

Woodcrest acquires a 1976 Ludwig 36" x 18" orchestral bass drum for I AM LOVE's album, set to be released in a few months. The music, driven by this behemoth, is already catching people's ears.
Keep your ears pealed for the release!

: : : : SNAP, CRACKEL & POP : : : :

Two new snare drums added to the drum room, a Star Classic (on left) and a 1970's Ludwig Supraphonic (middle), the most recorded snare drum in history.
These two, teamed with the Yamaha Musashi we already had offer 3 distinct snare tones to choose from which is extremely useful for changing the snare drum's presence with different songs and genres.

: : : : WOODCREST SPONSERS VH1 : : : :

Woodcrest along with Mas Mexicalia Cantina and others sponsor a VH1's Save The Music Foundation event.

"The VH1 Save The Music Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to restoring instrumental music education in America's public schools, and raising awareness about the importance of music as part of each child's complete education. To date, the Foundation has provided more than $47 million in new musical instruments to 1,750 public schools in more than 100 cities around the country, impacting the lives of over 1.6 million children. "



More channels, more hands on sound.

The path to a mix has become easier with the addition of another side car of touch-sensitive, motorized faders, touching the sound with our fingertips.

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: : : : SYSTEM UPGRADE : : : :

A new, i7 based computer is built to replace the older Q6600.

Nuendo, Pro Tools and Cubase receive upgrades as well as all software instruments and plugins.

The new machine has been configured, tuned and set into service achieving stable 1.5 ms latency recording at 24bit 88.2 kHz!
Woodcrest records in real-time.


A few new pictures in the album from recent sessions.

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: : : : WOODCREST GIVES BACK : : : :

Woodcrest Studio sponsors two benefit concerts. This particular photo was a fund-raiser for the family of an ill parent.

: : : : D.I.Y. MIDI-XLR ADAPTER : : : :

Wanting to use existing microphone cables or a snake to get MIDI signals somewhere? Included is some random MIDI stuff for fun.

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: : : : THE INFAMOUS RE-20 : : : :

Another studio standard added to the closet of microphones at Woodcrest Studio to fill a bill.

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A few new pictures in the album from recent sessions.

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: : : : BLOCK RATES SPECIAL : : : :

For a limited time, block rates have been cut so artists can devote real time to having their music recorded, enabling a relaxed workflow without the need to keep staring at the clock.

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: : : : : DYNAMIC TOOLBOX : : : : :

Zen Pro Audio sends Safe Sound Audio's Dynamic Toolbox in for review. It was liked so much, that it wound up finding a home in Woodcrest's rack.

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Dianthus of Maria Volume I
Window View
Corrosive Non-Conformity
Water for Africa


A few new pictures in the album

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Various pictures added of sessions and session setups added for your viewing pleasure and to give an idea of the versatile setups for sessions.

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: : : : INCOMING CLOUDS : : : :

Woodcrest Studio's big room gets a pulley suspended cloud for fine tuning acoustics in minutes and tailoring acoustics on a per song basis for dynamic album production.

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: : : : AUSTRALIA, THE TMP8 : : : :

JLM Audio in Australia sends a TMP 8 preamp to fill out I/O and enable Woodcrest Studio to streamline the location recording fly pack.

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: : : : WELL, HELLO VSM-1 : : : :

New microphone in Woodcrest's arsenal featuring warm and silky smooth body,

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Band demo packages
Multi-Band Discounts
Don't miss out! It is for a limited time.

: : : : SITE UPDATE! : : : :

Woodcrest's site has been updated! Be sure to have a walk around the new site. Not only the site but also the studio has gone through some great changes! Of course new gear has been added but that's boring! Take your time and have a look around.

: : : : COME ON IN! : : : :

If you're ready to record or would like more information, call or send us a message on the CONTACT page.