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Remember, Woodcrest can conform to almost any scope of project. Big or small. Know that Woodcrest is here to work for You. If you are not sure how much time you would need for a particular project, or you have budget requirements or limitations, contact us to see what we can do for you.

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: : : : QUINTESSENTIAL SOUL 2016 ! : : : :

Promote yourself and your craft! Join other local music artists in this special Woodcrest Studio and community production of the singer songwriter.

Quintessential Soul is a Woodcrest Studio event that
highlights the craft and personalities of solo-songwriters and brings everyone together to network and promote.

What ya get:
-BBQ Meet and Greet Networking Event with all participants.
-1 Song Recorded, mixed and mastered.
-Music Video of your recording/performing your song.
-Artist Interview Video.
-Compiled Solo Artist Interview+Music Video.
-Spot in Complete Event Featurette Video.
-Live Showcase Performance with every Quintessential Soul participant.
-Catered Light Fare will be served at studio recording sessions.
-Dedicated Camera Man for Event

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1 Block / 10 Hours = $405
2 Blocks / 20 Hours = $765
4 Blocks / 40 Hours = $1350

For a limited time, block rates have been cut so artists can devote real time to having their music recorded, enabling a relaxed workflow without the need to keep staring at the clock. Spend more time doing the recording and mixing. Find the sweet spots with microphone placement. Polish and Produce your music. Make your music everything you want it to be without the cringes of listening to a demo with the mistakes you didn't have time to polish.

This promotion is for all artists scheduling full day block time. Full day block time consists of a 10 hour day lockout. These days can be used for anything like tracking, arranging, writing , mixing, producing and combinations of it all but must be used in blocks of 10 hours.
Contact us for booking and availability.