____: : : : WELCOME TO THE STUDIO: : : :____

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Audio Samples: click here and a audio player will pop out with a demo reel. The demo reel holds various stages and scopes of work from demo to full production to mastered audio. We have many other samples if you would like to hear more.


: : : : THE HELM : : : :

The interface at Woodcrest's helm is hybrid. Woodcrest features a boutique analogue front end into mastering grade analogue to digital converters. This enables us to capture the sought after analogue sound with no typical artifacts associated with digital recording. Thereafter, automation is written via the control surfaces. Stems and solo tracks are piped back out to analogue devices for their glue and character, and digital processing is done as well using top plugins like Universal Audio and Sonnox. Woodcrest also has gigs of sample libraries for use midi devices and midi material.

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: : : : THE MICROPHONES : : : :

Above are a few of Woodcrest's favorite ears. There are over 40 microphones in our closet for matching a source's sound properties to what we want to hear coming out of the speakers in a mix. This microphone selection allows us to sculpt the overall tonal quality of any source's sound like an EQ but without the smearing and phase shifts EQs impart on sound.

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: : : : THE RACK : : : :

This is Woodcrest's front end. There are 22 channels of preamps with character ranging from clean and transparent to fuzzy and sizzly to warm and silky to nice and smooth. This allows custom tailoring of sound on a per genre, per song, per instrument basis, allowing ultimate flexibility in creating tone of a song.

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: : : : 1970's Electrodyne CA700 : : : :

What to say about this... Just an absolutely fantastic analogue compressor that sees a lot of action at Woodcrest.

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: : : : TAMA STAR CLASSIC : : : :

Woodcrest's house drum kit. This drum set offers a wide range of tunings to suit almost every genre. Drum heads maintained for optimum sound and playability.

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: : : : THE BIG ROOM : : : :

Woodcrest's big live room. This room measures 15' x 30'.

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: : : : THE SMALL ROOM : : : :

Woodcrest's small live room. This room measures 11' x 13'.

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: : : : THE ISOLATION BOOTH : : : :

This isolation booth resides in the main live room. Used for a variety of reasons, it comes in very handy to localize and focus on what is needed.

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: : : : THE SOUND OF WOODCREST : : : :

Woodcrest is a home to many artists, bands and genres of music.
For many years, clientele from as far away as New York city have been coming here to have their recordings made, mixed and mastered.

By now, having reached the end of this page, an impression of what it is like here should have been conveyed though there is no substitute for being here in person.

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