____         : : : : EXPANDING THE MIX : : : :         ____

One thing anyone will tell you with the movement to digital recording is how much time is lost and how disconnected from recording and mixing you can become my using a mouse to mix while staring at a computer screen.

Having experienced this in the 90's with our movement from analogue boards to digital boards which lost the warm sound we were used to with our analogue board, Woodcrest moved a step further and upped the ante of fidelity and sound by moving to a boutique analogue front end and replaced its console with a digital control surface.

Recently, another sidecar of 8 channels have been added to the mixer for speeding up mixing, keeping the hands off the mouse, ears off the screen and giving our hands even more control of the sound. The work flow and the connection to music has never been better.

The expanded mixer and the touch screen panel for plugin guis have bridged the gap between us and the software. Now, when you combine this and the automation system in Pro Tools and especially the new automation system in Nuendo, creating a mix, adjusting a mix and remixing is a breeze. Nuendo's new automation system has a tremendous amount of features.

"Nuendo's automation system is one of the most powerful systems in the world. The new automation system works with an enhanced pass-system which is shown as an undo-tree and enables the user to recall and compare different passes in order to find the ideal automation matching to the material."

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