____         : : : : THE INFAMOUS RE-20 : : : :         ____

There are microphones that are great. There are microphones known for their qualities and are found in top studios all across the world. There are microphones that stand the test of time and are remembered.

The RE-20 is one of those microphones.

The RE-20 used to be one of Tom's go-to microphones when he was engineering sound at West Chester Music's Recording Studio. Over the years, this microphone has always been in the back of his mind as a "too add" to the collection of microphones at Woodcrest due to the history of usage he has had with it. Due to sonic needs in current recording sessions, it has finally found it's way into Woodcrest's collecon of ears.

The main reason for bringing in an RE-20 was for its extended natural low-end sound on kick drum and for the brass sections on a current project. For brass, an RE-20, along with the PL-9 and VSM-1 combination, the brass section will be one of the sweetest, smooth and musical sounding brass sections you would ever hear.