____         : : : : AUSTRALIA, THE TMP8 : : : :         ____

In search of some mojo for drums and a small, light weight solution for location as well as studio recording, from Australia comes the TMP8.

The TMP8 is an 8 channel transformer preamp. Joe, it's creator, writes on his website “This type of Mic Pre is very minimalist & pure with amazingly silky top end and extreme Signal to Noise ratio. The Low end is tighter and fatter which is amazing on drums.”

Joe is spot on with his description. I’ve had them for a number of months using them on-location in the fly pack and in the studio tracking metal, rock, acoustic and jazz sessions on all sorts of instruments. The TMP-8 is one of those things that make people’s eyes pop out when they hear what comes out of it. It is quite an exceptional piece, well beyond what Woodcrest had anticipated.