____         : : : : WELL, HELLO VSM-1 : : : :         ____

With a plethora of different sounding sources along with the specific needs in matching a microphone to a source, Woodcrest brings in a VSM-1 microphone to fill another slot.

The VSM-1 microphone is not the most versatile of microphones at Woodcrest and the reason for its acquisition was not for that purpose. The VSM was added for its response and character. Where this really comes into play is with the lead vocal chain as having the ability to pair a microphone to a vocalist is extremely important, even if it is for only one song on an album. The VSM-1 easily fits the bill for this position along with others.

The VSM flatters female vocalists, certain male vocalists and smooths grainy guitar amps. Kick drums sound natural as you would expect to hear on jazz track and other percussive instruments share that nice mellow tone. Off-axis response is extremely musical. CAD built a great microphone with the VSM-1. It's great to have one in Woodcrest.